Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fairy Doors in Ann Arbor

Fairy Door: Selo-Shevel Gallery
Fairy Door: Selo-Shevel Gallery,
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Through "surfing" of the "interweb" I found the "Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor."

"Fairy doors" are miniature openings into imagined fairy homes built by Jonathon Wright . When his wife ran a preschool program in their home in 1993, Jonathon built a small closet door under the stairs with an additional child-size to access the remaining space. Just to the right of the junior door, down in the baseboard, the kids discovered yet another door about 6 inches high. When it was open, one could see an equally small staircase and railing leading up to a second door.

Jonathon began building these small unsponsored, unauthorized works of public art around town to capture the imagination of the city.

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