Saturday, April 29, 2006

Current Fixations


Peter Mayhew will be at the Calgary Comic and Toy Expo on May 7th. The local chapter of the Star Wars FanForce will be there along with the 501st Badlands Garrison .

We have some special presentations for everyone’s favourite wookie. I will post pics after said event.

Jonathan Coulton

I really can't get enough of Jonathan Coulton. He writes beautiful geek folk rock songs about zombies, Ikea, and those sad fools who write code all day (ahem cough).

I currently am Demanding that he come to Calgary, via the far-less-self-important-sounding site

Captain Proton

The monochromatic space hero from Star Trek: Voyager has captivated my interest enough to attempt to create a replica costume to wear as a hall costume at the various Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions I'm planning on attending over the next few months.

The costume is simple enough so I wanted to get as many details as I could right. During my research discovered Commando Cody, one of the sources for inspiration for Captain Proton. The jacket, control box, belt and jet pack worn by Tom Paris/Robert Duncan McNeill as Proton are replica Commando Cody props made by a fan and prop builder for Star Trek. I contacted him and he furnished me with his graphics that he used to make his replica. I am very grateful for all his help. Pictures of my finished costume will follow.

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