Friday, February 03, 2012

Victoria Caswell deserves better

Victoria Caswell makes a great sewing kit, which makes the design and general interest blog rounds to end up on Boing Boing, where the comments tear it a new one.
To sum up the Boingers loving embrace this wondrous thing:

It is both incomplete and it has too much stuff in it. It's too big and the pockets are sewn wrong. It evokes both a history of anti-GLBT sentiment and the murderous tendencies of a fictional serial killer. It is just like a WWII sewing kit, and clearly she didn't do enough research. It can therefore only be appreciated as irony or non utility art.

Honestly I don't know why I read the bottom half of the internet. Sometimes I comfort myself thinking that all the comments I read are written by automated bots. An army of comment bots acting like "methed up, blindfolded rednecks mauling each other with hunting knives." Either that, or deal with the knowledge that the people walking around every day, voting, raising children, working and living all around us are the same fucks that actually post to the internet.

Image from Boing Boing who got if from Lovely Package.